March 24, 2001

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Saturday, March 24, 2001


The U.S. Senate passed a bill that would give cheap ad rates for pols....

TV Gouges Politicians

This week the U.S. Senate passed a bill that would require broadcasters to provide discounted TV ad rates for political commercials in good time slots. And of course - advertising is generally seen as the culprit that has sent the cost of campaigning soaring. Host Brooke Gladstone talks to Paul ...


Gore and Greenspan

In the next installment in our continuing - if occasional - coverage of Al Gore’s class at the Columbia University School of Journalism, the former Vice President hosts yet another celebrity. Host Bob Garfield talks to journalism student Michael Arnone about class with Alan Greenspan.


Pundit Watch

This week the 24 hour news cameras were trained on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and President Bush as they met at the White House to set U.S.-Israel relations on a new course. But it was cell hones, not world politics, that sent the pundits spinning when President Bush was ...


Release Getters

Over the past decade, reality TV has perfected the act of showing real people at their very worst. But for every humiliating situation caught on camera, there’s a piece of paper called release, permitting the face of the compromised to appear on TV. Bob went to Los Angeles to get ...


Movie Airplanes

Chances are, if you’ve seen an airplane in a movie, it was a set. With air traffic delays on the rise, it’s not surprising that film crews are not considered a welcome addition to a busy landing strip. Reporter Rachael Myrow journeys to the north end of San Fernando Valley ...


Airplane Edits

Airplane passengers are a captive audience and airlines take care to have their films edited to avoid offending their passengers - unless the passengers are flying Virgin Atlantic. Film distributor Jeff Klein of Jaguar Distributions gives Brooke the inside story on the airplane edit and Sarah Evans of Virgin Atlantic ...


Canadian MP Hoax Piece

Political aides often supply not the only information and ideas behind politicians’ policies, but the exact words that come out of politicians’ mouths. But as a radio program in Edmonton, Ontario, Canada discovered, sometimes it’s unclear where the politician ends and the aide begins. Bob talks to both the host ...


Movie Musicals

Movie musicals used to win both at the box office and at the Oscars, but now they are rarely even seen on the silver screen. Where has the traditional American movie musical gone? Its relocated to the small screen. On The Media’s Tony Maciulis has the story.


Oscar Music

If this weekend’s Oscar nominees for best song are any indication, movie music has become less about the movie, more about radio airplay, and definitely about big business. Brooke takes a look at how the “best song” has evolved from a Tin Pan Alley classic to a pop star hit.


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