March 17, 2001

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Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Christopher Lydon walks away from the Connection, and Christopher Reeve pitches health insurance.

Christopher Lydon

When news got out that popular talk show host Chris Lydon was leaving The Connection over intellectual property rights, the dispute exposed a little of public broadcasting’s dirty laundry. Bob talks to Chris Lydon about how much he’s worth to public radio.


Scott Shuger

Host Brooke Gladstone talks to’s Scott Shuger about the coverage of the U.S. submarine Greeneville’s crash with a Japanese fishing boat and other recent military disasters, and what may be the impact of ex-Defense officials Colin Powell and Richard Cheney on media access to military matters.


Journalism Ethics Hotline

Loyola University in Chicago is now offering a new service: the Ethics Advice Line. With a simple telephone call, a journalist struggling with an ethical dilemma can be helped in a hurry. But how would a journalist even know this service exists? On the Media offers our humble contribution to ...



Brooke and Bob respond to mail from On The Media Listeners.


Radio Standards

When it comes to radio formats, old is a relative term. Play classic rock, classic country, classic soul - and the baby boom will make your business boom. But if you’re pre- boom, prepare to kiss those Sinatra broadcasts goodbye. On the Media’s Tony Maciulis reports.


What Are Old People Worth

Senior citizens may watch more than their fair share of “60 Minutes,” but in the world of advertising “Dawson’s Creek” is where the money is. Brooke asks Steve Battaglio, Senior TV Correspondent for how much old people are worth to advertisers and why.


History Channel Awards

Moviegoers may not know that the tiger fight in the Coliseum was fictional, but they did appreciate Gladiator’s depiction of ancient Rome. Gladiator is one of several blockbuster films nominated by viewers for the History Channel’s Harry Award. History Channel’s Steve Gillon and Josh Binswanger join Brooke to discuss the ...


Journalism in Haiti

When a hero of Haitian radio, Jean Dominique, was shot to death in front of his station, the already fragile free press movement faltered. But Dominique’s widow, Michelle Montas, is pushing to make sure the investigation into her husband’s death goes forward, despite the challenges posed by Haiti’s young democracy. ...


Christopher Reeve

To safeguard their careers, actors often avoid appearing in commercials. Like many big name actors, Christopher Reeve would travel to Europe to make a few extra dollars in an ad campaign. But Since his tragic riding accident, Reeve has gone from Hollywood actor to health insurance pitchman. Bob investigates how ...


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