March 10, 2001

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Saturday, March 10, 2001


On The Media goes to Anchor School.

Local News

Local TV news is known for its incessant and intrusive coverage of local disaster. Academics and professionals in the journalism community have long bemoaned the state of local news programming, but stories that bleed still lead. On The Media’s Mike Pesca explores the reasons why.


Financial Shows

This weekend marks the anniversary of Nasdaq’s record high, enthusiastically reported a year ago by a growing number of financial news shows. But as the stock market declines, so do the fortunes of the programs that cover it. Host Bob Garfield takes stock of the financial news market


News in Exile

Host Brooke Gladstone talks to Greg Palast, reporter for Britain’s Guardian newspaper, about alleged voter fraud in Florida during the past election. He says the English press is doing a better job than the American press, in covering this important story.



People say they want serious news and analysis, not an endless round of homicides and fires, but they vote with the remote. Does the public really want what it says it wants from local news? Brooke talks to Joel Cheatwood, vice president of news for all CBS stations, about the ...


Anchor School

Not all anchors are born with a perfect teleprompter read and TV-ready fashion sense. Some go to school for it. Reporter Amy Dickinson audits anchor school and gets the story behind the desk.


Weather Hype

This week weather anchors were predicting the storm of the century, butfor many big cities - it was just a lot of hot air. Bob talks to WNYT meteorologist Howie Altschule about reporting on Mother Nature and why weathermen and women go wrong.


Media Movies

Hollywood movies often paint an unflattering picture of the media. The film “15 Minutes,” which recently opened in theaters, is no exception. Reaching back to Orson Welles’ “Citizen Kane,” Brooke and film critic David Edelstein take a look at Hollywood’s image of the sensation-seeking media.


Series 7

This week another movie plays with a relatively new media phenomenon - reality TV. The premise of the film “Series 7” is a reality TV game show ala Survivor, but in this game the winner is the one left living. Brooke talks to “Series 7” director Daniel Minahan about concept ...


Unscripted TV

As the Writers Guild prepares to go on strike, TV producers prepare to go without scripts and sees fertile ground for satire.


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