March 3, 2001

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Saturday, March 03, 2001


This week, how DVD's are changing the way we watch movies.

DVD's: Everyone's a Cineaste

DVD's have penetrated the market twice as fast as the CD, almost three times faster than the VCR. Some 20 million players are predicted to be in American homes by the end of the year. With all the extras - the making of documentaries, the interviews with the actors, the ...


The Charm Offensive

In some ways, this was the first real week of the Bush Presidency. The week when he stepped out from behind the curtain and laid his policies before the Congress and the country. New York Times White House reporter Frank Bruni talks to Brooke about what has come to be ...


Pundit Watch

Denise Rich visited the White House over 100 times...oh, sorry. Did we say 100? We meant around 13 times. The pundits are bandying numbers around like its lottery time - but who has the facts straight? On the Media turns to the punditron for some answers.


Sentenced By the Press

Judge Richard M. Markus recently invited the local papers to advise him on the sentencing in an Ohio corruption case. He says opinions printed after the event are like endorsing a candidate after an election. Bob takes the Judge to task on his unconventional methods.


Professor Gore, Revisited

Two weeks ago, the media swarmed the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, as Professor Al Gore presented his first lecture the record. Determined to lead the nation in reporting on Gore's syllabus On The Media now focuses on Gore's classroom visit from press baron Rupert Murdoch, CEO of ...


Enquirer Scoops

These are glorious times for tabloids. "The hottest publication right now is The National Enquirer," said the Washington Post this week. Two big scoops in six weeks... first about Jesse Jackson's love child, and second uncovering that Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother had been paid for securing a presidential pardon. Brooke ...


Jesse and the Jackals

Minnesota Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura hates the press, and doesn't care who knows it. Although he changed his mind about forcing reporters to wear "official jackals" identification he really hasn't let up. From Minnesota Public Radio, Michael Khoo prepared this review of the titanic battle between the Body and ...



Brooke responds to mail from On The Media's listeners.


MTV: Pulling Back the Curtain on Pulling Back the Curtain

A few years ago, marketers began to send kids the message: You matter. Your tastes matter. Your discretionary income matters. Naturally, the kids agreed and sat back as a hundred forms of media competed for their attention. MTV won. Mike Pesca looks at the behind-the-behind-the phenomenon on that channel.


Bush on DVD

On the Media's secret sources yet again yield a treasure. The DVD version of President Bush's speech to Congress; with special tracks and commentary from the directors. Listen next week for our special presentation of the behind the scenes making of that DVD.


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