February 17, 2001

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Saturday, February 17, 2001

The issues faced in covering Israel. Lynn Cheney takes on Eminem. And Brooke visits with some online gamers.

Reporters Under Fire in the Middle East

There are some stories that journalists can't seem to report without bringing down an avalanche of criticism. Certainly, coverage of gun control and abortion inspires heated debate, but nothing like the rage that invariably follows stories about Israel. From Jerusalem, reporter Rick Davis investigates the challenges faced by reporters in ...


Network Mea Culpa

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce called the network bosses to testify. The network chiefs called upon their most advanced media strategies. All because on election night ABC,CBS,CNN,NBC,FOX and the AP called the election for Bush. No Gore. No Bush. No no one. Sorry.


Garrick Utley

The long time television newsman talks about the public's lack of faith in the media, and what the media can do to win it back.


Ken Johnson

In the annals of congressional testimony few figures endure. Joseph Welch staring down McCarthyism, Sam Ervin demanding presidential accountability…Add to that list one Ken Johnson. As press secretary for the House Committee on Energy and Commerce his duties often run to the mundane, but on Wednesday he compiled a highlight ...


Pundit Watch

Cable news was awash this week in the Clinton post presidency. The pardons, the offices, even which New York Area airport he landed at in 1968, came under scrutiny. In this, the debut of the OTM Pundit watch, featuring the Punditron 2000(registered trademark) On the Media humbly points out, "Um, ...


Discussion: Reporting on Israel

On The Media asks Rashid Khalidi, Director of the Center of International Studies and Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago and Gary Rosenblatt, Editor and Publisher of the Jewish Week, to respond to Rick Davis' report on covering the Middle East.


Lynn Cheney vs. Eminem

The big-time rapper Marshall Mathers, known as Eminem, is up for four awards at the Grammys next week. The superstar has enraged people across the political spectrum with violent, homophobic and misogynistic lyrics. He says he means these things ironically, and that's how his young fans take it, but his ...


Holywood vs Hardcore

In his new book, "Hollywood vs. Hardcore," author John Lewis argues that instead of fighting efforts to censor film content, Hollywood has gladly silenced itself for more than half a century to protect its bottom line. Brooke talks to Lewis about how the film business actually profited from censorship.



Internet commerce may be a disappointment on Wall Street, but on-line gaming is striking gold. Each day thousands of players log on as characters and meet online to traverse virtual worlds. But the game owners are not the only ones profiting. Players of Everquest, the most popular role-playing game, are ...


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