January 20, 2001

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Saturday, January 20, 2001


The ascension of Texas, a look at the word Luddite, and a question: what exactly is IT?

Pop Culture Texas

This week a Texan takes over the White House. Not since J.R. was shot on Dallas has the media been so enamored with the Lone Star state. From Austin, NPR’s John Burnett takes a look at the popular image of this populous state.


Southern Partisan

Not just a man, but a magazine were under intense scrutiny this week at the confirmation hearings of Bush Attorney General nominee John Ashcroft. The former senator has been criticized for an interview he did with “Southern Partisan,” a magazine that has been accused of racism by publications like The ...



Popular vote aside, one of the most common theories on the Bush victory is that George W. Bush won the presidency because he is more likeable than Al Gore. Host Brooke Gladstone explores the ways mass media has affected the way voters evaluate a candidate’s appeal.


Utah Jazz

In his latest work documentary film maker Ken Burns gathered a star-studded cast of musicians and historians to ruminate on the history of Jazz. On the Media has acquired a promotional trailer for an early version of the project, which never quite made it to production.


English Celebrities

For a country that produced Richard Burton, Julie Andrews, 007 Sean Connery, Princess Diana and the Beatles, the current celebrity drought is an embarrassment and a heart break. Bob crosses an ocean to get some answers.



It’s hotter than the internet and has generated more hype than cold fusion, but nobody seems to know what IT is. Brooke tries to get behind the hype and figure out what all the fuss IT is about.


Word Watch: Luddite

The latest installment in our regular “Wordwatch” feature: “Luddite.” Brooke discovered that the word’s meaning has evolved over the last century, from violence-prone saboteur to passive technophobe.


Prank Calls

Before instant messaging, there was the telephone, which in the right hands, can be just as annoying. Rex Doane offers a quick history of the phony phone call.


Tom Mabe

Tom Mabe has built a recording career on offending telemarketers so much, they actually hang-up on their would-be customer. Bob interviews Mabe and plays some of the more memorable moments from his new CD, “Revenge on the Telemarketers; Round Two.”


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