January 6, 2001

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Saturday, January 06, 2001


The changing of the guard in the White House press corps. Ben Bradlee says the whiners in the briefing room should take a walk. And a day with reporter who walks the "bad luck" beat on the streets of New York.

The World Is A Morgue

There are journalism's stars, who consume most of the ink and the air time, and there are its grunts, who do most of the legwork and barely get a by-line. Mark Stamey of The New York Post is one of the latter. He walks the "bad-luck" beat, gathering facts about ...


White House Press Corps

With a new president comes new blood in the White House press corps. Reporters covering the outgoing president head for greener pastures as campaign reporters follow their candidate to the White House. This week, Host Bob Garfield goes to the White House briefing room to talk to reporters about one ...


Helen Thomas

The Dean of the White House Press Corps joins Host Brooke Gladstone to reminisce about the presidents she’s covered and how they held up in the White House brief room.


Time-Delayed New Year’s

While New Yorkers gathered in Times Square to watch the ball drop, New Year’s Eve revelers elsewhere across the nation gathered around their TV sets hours later to watch Dick Clark. Matt Selman, Los Angeles-based writer for The Simpsons, reflects on bringing in the New Year by watching Dick Clark ...


Al Gross Obit

One of the fathers of wireless communications died this week. Al Gross, the inventor of CB radio, walkie-talkies, pagers and elements of the cell phone, had a tremendous impact on modern culture. From Cleveland, Ohio, reporter David C. Barnett has the story.


Marty Glickman Obit

Legendary New York radio sportscaster Marty Glickman passed away this week. On The Media looks back at Glickman’s remarkable career and singular broadcast style.


The Death of George Magazine

This week, the struggling politics-meets-celebrity magazine founded by John F. Kennedy, Jr. was laid to rest. Brooke talks to Inside.com’s David Carr about the demise of George and the power of the Kennedy “brand.”


Feuding Ferret Magazines

It’s a story that’s become common in the era of media mega mergers and market consolidation: big media conglomerate pushes small independent publisher out of the market. But when the publishers of Modern Ferret accused Fancy Pet Publications’ Ferrets magazine of trying to put them out of business, Bob went ...


Word Watch: End of the Day

In the latest installment of our ongoing series, reporter Tony Maciulis finds out when the end of the day really is.


Susan Estrich

When USA Today columnist and law professor Susan Estrich wrote a controversial but never published column on Al Gore, some accused her of trying to influence policy rather than the public. Bob talks to Estrich about the problems of navigating a path between activism and journalism.


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