June 5, 2009

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Global Audience

The White House worked to tamp high expectations for Obama's Cairo address but, by the end of the week, the world was watching and listening. Naila Hamdy, Chair of the Journalism Department at the American University in Cairo, discusses the changing landscape of Egypt's ...

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Public Opinions

For several years, Shibley Telhami has been conducting public opinion polls in six Arabic countries, asking people about their views of, among other things, American diplomatic efforts and policies toward the Middle East. He then presented the results to White House officials shortly before Obama's speech. ...

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The Rise of "Satellite Sheiks"

With an explosion in the number of Arab satellite channels dedicated to Islam, a new breed of preacher has emerged. New York Times reporter Robert Worth says these so-called "Satellite Shieiks" tend to be young, moderate, and entertaining to watch. One of Saudi Arabia's most popular,

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The P.R. Front

The war in Afghanistan shows no signs of letting up and one of the most complicated tasks for the U.S. military is responding to the Taliban's public relations offensive. Greg Bruno, staff writer for the Council on Foreign Relations, says virtually everything the Taliban does is ...


The Morbid Metric

To counter the perception that America is losing the war in Afghanistan, the U.S. command has adopted the practice of releasing a detailed daily accounting of enemies killed. The P.R. campaign started in April of last year and has since announced nearly 2,000 insurgent casualties. Wall Street Journal reporter

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Talking Retro

Baby-boomer journalists have a knack for alluding to characters from vintage TV series, plots from obscure films, and political events from who-knows-when. Author Ralph Keyes says these “verbal fossils” make it more difficult for an entire generation of young readers to have any clue ...

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Talking Tween

Just as older writers have to be on guard to make sure their references don't alienate young readers, young writers also have to make sure that their references make sense to a wider audience. Sasha Frere-Jones is a music critic who writes online and in the pages of ...

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