June 12, 2009

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Friday, June 12, 2009

The Globe in crisis, mapping North Korea and Tetris turns 25

Globe in Crisis

What’s playing out in Boston is a familiar drama: the sad spectacle of the slow death, by bleeding, of a venerable patriarch. The Globe’s crisis is on one hand remarkable because the paper has been a New England institution and an indispensable element of the democratic process for 137 years. ...

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Watching the World Go By

Iran and Lebanon held elections this week. Iraq saw a spike in violence. A hotel bombing hit Pakistan. There's so much to cover around the world and increasingly fewer news outlets can afford to do it. McClatchy's Mark Seibel wrote a candid piece about his news ...

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Eagle Eye

Perhaps the most complete picture we have of the insular, erratic dictatorship of North Korea comes not from the U.S. military but from one obsessed Google Earth-watching civilian named Curtis Melvin. Melvin explains how he pieces together his aerial intelligence and the story it tells.


Smoking Makes You Ugly

Anti-smoking ads historically highlight one blunt fact: smoking kills. But the World Lung Foundation has analyzed the effectiveness of ads around the world targeting various cultures and discovered it's not that simple. Sandra Mullin, senior vice president at Communications for the World Lung Foundation, says the most ...

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Just Say Know

Methamphetamine addiction has overwhelmed many western states. So in 2005 the Montana Meth Project was launched. The group approached the meth crisis as a consumer marketing problem and created a shocking ad campaign that’s spread to 7 states. Nitsa Zuppas Executive, director of ...

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Bob reads from a few of your letters


Static Relationship

This week the long-awaited switch to an all digital television broadcast signal finally arrived. It's too early to know how many were left with a screen full of static, but Bob says goodbye to good 'ol analog.


Process Journalism

No news site dominates quite like TechCrunch, a network of websites and blogs that has basically buried all other outlets, online and off, in coverage of technology and tech enterprise. But success has bred scrutiny, including a recent New York Times piece that questioned TechCrunch’s approach to journalism. ...

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Game Changer

25 years ago the Russian computer programmer Alexey Pajitnov created the ur-video game Tetris. Simple to play, hard to win and ubiquitous, the game continues to frustrate and entertain the masses. We speak with Pajitnov about how he started the shapes falling.

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