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Friday, June 12, 2009


Methamphetamine addiction has overwhelmed many western states. So in 2005 the Montana Meth Project was launched. The group approached the meth crisis as a consumer marketing problem and created a shocking ad campaign that’s spread to 7 states. Nitsa Zuppas Executive, director of the Siebel Foundation, told us last year that the ads work.

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Mark P from San Mateo, CA

I believe the Meth Project was started by the Siebel Foundation, not the Seibel Foundation. It's spelled wrong in the story summary and in the transcript, and, I believe, pronounced incorrectly in the broadcast.

Jun. 23 2009 01:12 AM
Eric C from www.onviolence.com

Why did anti-meth advertising work? Why did it work even though it was gory? Because Meth is terrible.

Past anti-drug advertising depicts teenagers high on marijuana shooting each other, letting babies die, running over kids, having their lives end tragically, etc. And yet half the people I know smoke pot, and only a handful have a problem with it.

I only know three people who have done Meth, and each had their lives ruined. Propaganda only works if there is a truth behind it, and the truth is meth sucks. The advertising worked because their "product" was a good one.

Jun. 13 2009 06:23 AM

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