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Friday, June 19, 2009


The BBC Persian Service, a satellite channel that broadcasts into Iran, has become a major influence on Iranian society. The interactive show "Your Turn" airs calls and e-mails from those inside the country. "Your Turn" host Siavash Ardalan describes how viewers reported on the sometimes disturbing events taking place this week.

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Susan Hegarty from riverside county, California

dear friends - your show is about the finest thing on radio, I think - so I hope you will understand I feel the listener's right to hold you to a high standard. In talking about the BBC Persian Service, Bob Garfield referred to programming in the Farsi language - please please please - do not perpetuate this mistaken use of the word "Farsi". The English word for the language spoken in Iran is "Persian". "Farsi" is the Persian word, for that language. To refer to the "Farsi language" is like saying Mexicans speak Espanol, or that Deutsch is spoken in Germany. The BBC Persian Service's name is perfectly descriptive, as it is a broadcast service in Persian. thank you! susan hegarty

Jun. 26 2009 01:50 AM

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