In Memoriam: Stone Weeks and Holt Weeks

Friday, July 31, 2009


On July 23, Stone and Holt Weeks were killed in a car accident. They were the sons of a dear colleague and friend. A foundation has been created in their names and this week's show is dedicated to their memory.

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Rev, Robert Maury Hundley from Washington, DC 20011

In 3rd grade Sunday School, under our teepe, Stone was attentive and winsome, with his curly red hair. He, I think, knew we were up to something important, such as telling life sustaining stories born out of difficulty and broken-heartedness. How shocking, having just returned to DC from NYC, struggling to stay alert during the rain, to learn that Stone and Holt were killed near where I was born in Appalachia. I81 terrified me because of the trucks, the aggresivity of the drivers and the deep ruts on much of the road. Jan & Linton took over that class & poured themselves into life, children, caring. We were each nurtured by their care as we hold Stone & Holt close.

Aug. 23 2009 12:09 AM
Martha from Annapolis, MD

I was putting newspaper down in preparation for painting and noticed the name Stone Weeks on one of the pages. It was the sweet boy my daughter used to play with when they were both in Montessori preschool. She has fond memories of playing Peter Pan together on the hill in front of his house. I am so sad to know such a talented and focused kid has left our world... and my heart breaks for his lovely parents!!!

Aug. 14 2009 10:42 PM
Yasir Khan from Houston Texas

I am deeply saddened by this tragic news. Although I didn't know them I had heard about them through my girl friend who volunteered with them at Sunday charity for the homeless. I was looking forward to playing tennis with Holt as I was told he was looking for someone here in Houston to hit with. They would have continued to make a substantial difference to the world and their untimely death is a huge loss. My prayers go out to their parents, family and friends. I'm sure their souls are at peace in the heavens.

Aug. 07 2009 02:45 AM
Mary Morris from Laurel, Md

Thank you so much for posting the information about the foundation in Stone and Holt's names.

I am filled with grief over the tragic loss of these beautiful young lives. My heart goes out to their parents.

Aug. 04 2009 02:22 PM
Kathy Biesecker from Purcellville, VA

I can't even begin to imagine the anguish of the family and friends who knew and loved these two obviously delightful, talented, wonderful young men. I came across the story as I was searching for something else on and it crushed me, even though I didn't know the brothers. My heart goes out to Mr. & Mrs. Weeks...

Aug. 03 2009 12:51 PM
Eric Bricker from Austin

Although I did not know the boys or their parents my heart and prayers goes out to the entire family. I am truly sorry to read of this tragic loss.

Aug. 03 2009 11:04 AM
Paula Griswold from Camrbidge

As soon as I heard the facts - young brothers killed in a car accident - my heart broke for their parents. I cannot imagine their grief.

When I looked at the news story attached, I found it added to the weight of the tragedy to hear about the truck hitting their car in the traffic jam, ending the lives of these talented and caring young men.

I wonder if anyone is exploring the accident - is there a lesson, not about the individual driver, but whether there are circumstances today that increased the likelihood of this unbearable loss, and whether anything might reduce the likelihood of such a loss in the future.

Aug. 02 2009 08:10 AM
Gloria Mitchell from Madison MS

I knew their parents many years ago and am deeply saddened at the tragic loss of their sons.
I grieve with them and for them and for all other family members and friends who will forever feel the loss of the lives of these two young men.
Cherish your memories and may God give you strength and courage as you face each day without them.

Aug. 01 2009 10:19 AM

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