September 4, 2009

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Friday, September 04, 2009

Fight or Flight

Massive fires raging through Southern California dominated the news this week, with much of the coverage focused on airplanes soaring above the flames, dropping bright red fire retardant. Great TV to be sure. But Los Angeles Times media columnist James Rainey says the media focus too much on ...

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Movie Critic

The Supreme Court will hear arguments this week about a controversial 2008 film, "Hillary: The Movie," whose broadcast was stopped when federal election officials determined it was paid political speech. But New York Times legal correspondent Adam Liptak says the case is about more then a movie, the ...

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The Thousand-Yard Snare

Overstretched and short on recruits, the U.S. military has been going to great lengths to find out everything they can about potential enlistees. The only problem is most of these prospective soldiers are under 18 and, in many cases, are disclosing personal information without their (or their parents) ...

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Sue You

The very public court case between Liskula Cohen and Rosemary Port seemed absurd at first, in part because it rested on the definition of the word "skank." But along the way, it set a legal precedent in New York about what constitutes defamation online. The Electronic ...

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The Urban Dictionary, where anyone can look up some of the most clever and most vulgar words and phrases in the English language, turns 10 this year. Its founder Aaron Peckham talks about a few of his all time favorite entries.

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Brooke, Clive and Ethan at Aspen

Over the summer Brooke hosted a conversation with Ethan Zuckerman, founder of Global Voices, and Clive Thompson, technology writer for the New York Times Magazine and Wired. The topic was homophily: the tendency for individuals to seek out others who share their preferences and ideas. While ...

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