September 18, 2009

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Friday, September 18, 2009

The evolution of the ACORN story; a call to action for government whistle blowers; America's first internet addiction recovery program

The Seeds of a Story

In the last two weeks, conservative blogs helped drive real world change. First, Van Jones, a presidential adviser, resigned. Then, non-profit ACORN lost funding amid embarrassing revelations. In both cases, most traditional media outlets lagged in telling the story. The Atlantic's Mark Bowden says ...

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Calling All Leakers

This week, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Adm. Mike Mullen raised the possibility that even more U.S. troops would be needed for the war in Afghanistan. That news, as well as recent disheartening reports from Afghanistan, has many pundits making comparisons to the Vietnam quagmire. Dan ...

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Without a Net

Addicted to the web, texting or video games? Now there’s help. reSTART, the first internet addiction treatment center in the U.S., opened its doors this summer. We speak to executive director Hilarie Cash and recent patient Ben Alexander, whose drug of choice was World of Warcraft.

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He Lived in Public

The new film We Live in Public focuses on Josh Harris, whom the film calls “the greatest internet pioneer you’ve never heard of.” The film offers a window into Harris’s psyche, and the impacts of living in a digital, recorded age. Director Ondi Timoner talks about this web ...

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And God Said

When the Committee on Bible Translation released an updated version of the world’s most popular Bible in 2005, controversy ensued. Changing a beloved text can be dangerous. So the committee announced plans recently to scrap the 2005 version and start anew. Committee Chairman ...

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Defining Moments

September 18th is the tercentenary of Samuel Johnson, whose Dictionary of the English Language was one of the first and most influential. His format – with head words, etymologies and sample sentences – remains unchallenged. But his standard – what dictionaries stand for – has been undergoing a ...

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