September 25, 2009

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Friday, September 25, 2009

A bailout for newspapers?; documentary ethics; "ruin" porn

Newspapers Go To Washington

Washington is paying attention to the newspaper crisis. The president has even weighed in. But some worry that any government help would create a conflict of interest. Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), sponsor of The Newspaper Revitalization Act, and Jim Moroney, publisher of ...

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In Memoriam, W. Horace Carter

W. Horace Carter died this month. Carter was a newspaper editor and publisher who, during the 1950s, challenged the Ku Klux Klan in his small North Carolina town. Filmmaker Walt Campbell, is making a documentary about Carter. He says Carter ignored death threats and always insisted he was ...


A New Privilege

The state secrets privilege allows the government to ask judges to dismiss trials for national security reasons. Civil libertarians say the government abuses the privilege in order to avoid lawsuits. On Wednesday, Attorney General Eric Holder laid out the ways President Obama will reform the privilege, but ...

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Growing Neutrality

This week, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced plans to expand net neutrality rules. His announcement was met with consternation from at least one wireless service provider; AT&T argued that it should be allowed to limit some internet activity. But Genachowski disagrees.

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Cutting the Cable

Last year, Netflix spent about a quarter of its $1.4 billion sending its little red envelopes back and forth through the mail. That’s why it would rather stream movies directly to your TV. As Wired reporter Daniel Roth tells it, if Netflix can cut the same content deals ...

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Ruin Porn

Are photojournalists obsessed with "ruin porn"? Reporter Thomas Morton recently visited Detroit, where photographers have been flocking to take pictures of the city's decrepit factories and abandoned buildings. But Morton says these photos, which he calls ruin porn, paint a misleading picture of the city.

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Time in Detroit

Time Magazine and other outlets, including CNN Money, Fortune and Sports Illustrated, have launched Assignment Detroit. They've purchased a house where reporters will live for a year as they cover the city. Steven Gray, the writer behind The Detroit Blog and journalist and Detroit native Dan ...

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True Enough

Documentaries are supposed to represent the truth. But who decides what the truth is exactly? Patricia Aufderheide, professor and documentarian, explains a new effort to interview documentary filmmakers anonymously about their ethical lapses. She hopes that by understanding the extent of the problem the documentary community ...

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