The Innocence Mission

Friday, October 30, 2009


Pete Shellem, a reporter for the Central Pennsylvania paper, the Patriot-News, died last week. Shellem was best known for his investigative journalism, which directly led to the freeing of four prisoners serving life sentences for murder. Mike Feeley, Shellem's editor at the paper, recalls Shellem's accomplished career.

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jj travis from hbg pa

lets not forget pete was a human being. he touched me as a real person..... not "i did this and i accomplished that" but a real, earthy human being. i think he should be remembered on that level too......for the simple things.....that made him so special.

Dec. 10 2009 01:06 AM
Russell Cobb

"NPR doesn't even count because it is bought and paid for foremost by tax payers money without our say so..."

Tell me, did the Bush Administration get your "say so" before they started two failed wars that have bankrupted this country and given us a new generation of war-damaged veterans?

"Fox comes out well ahead on the truth meter than the Networks or Pravda, known as NPR."

You have strange notions about "truth" and "integrity." If you seriously associate those ideas with Fox, then I have some WMDs to sell you.

Nov. 06 2009 01:06 PM
Charles C. Davis from Raleigh, NC

There is no way any of the media can justify going with Obama on this one. It could be tomorrow when Obama decides to go after your First Amendment rights or all the others as he has done to others or some legal business. If you could find any honesty in your reporting and forget about your bought and paid for positions and monstrous bias you would have to look back through your words and admit that you report the way you do because you and the outlets are scared to death to report the truth or hint a truth exists other than that given to you by the White House. Try doing what you were taught and ask all the questions, follow the money to its overseas accounts and honestly report who is buying opinion and in many cases writing it for you. I've been to many events that you have so-called covered. If I had not been there to see what happened and what was said you wouldn't be able to recognize the event by what was "reported." NPR doesn't even count because it is bought and paid for foremost by tax payers money without our say so and they never check with us and our opinions and what they write, televise or spread across the radio.
I don't agree with every word Fox says, but I can check their facts just as I do with the lies you tell. Fox comes out well ahead on the truth meter than the Networks or Pravda, known as NPR. You've already given up a number of your Constitutionally given Rights without even knowing it. Maybe you should do some research and actually see what it says, who it grants power and authority to and who is overstepping their bounds and who is doing absolutely nothing. Local, state, statute laws, international laws and treaties check and see who is ignoring these on a regular basis and doesn't give a damn if he is. Then report on that if you have the spine, honesty and integrity to do so. I'll bet you don't!

Nov. 06 2009 02:38 AM
Matt Johnson

Thank you for sharing the story of this important man.

Nov. 02 2009 01:39 PM
chuck thompson from Anchorage AK

After a week of no-news Fox screaming in outrage over being labeled a noise machine full of empty talking-heads-with-barely-a-journalist-bone-in-its-collective-body, it's nice to hear a story about a man who was a true journalist, a true "investigative" reporter and, in contrast, didn't scream for attention to his efforts.

Finding that kind of dedication is rare enough nowadays, but finding a journalist dedicated to the quiet cause of justice and fairness as its own raison d'ĂȘtre is doubly amazing; it makes his passing all the more profound and our loss that much greater.

Nov. 02 2009 12:43 AM
Joyce Shellem from Gardners, Pa

To listeners who knew Pete and those just hearing about him for the first time, he was, without question a man who cared deeply about justice and getting the story right. I was so very proud of him. I can only hope that there will be other journalists that will be able to pursue justice and truth in a similar manner. To me he was far more than the investigative journalist that helped to right the wrong for so many. He touched many people's lives in such a positive way. I adored him. He was my husband for more than 24 years, the father of our two wonderful sons and my very best friend for 31 years. He will be dearly missed. Joyce Shellem

Nov. 01 2009 03:53 PM

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