November 13, 2009

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Friday, November 13, 2009

The dismal state of health and medical reporting on morning news shows; why the internet is not a doctor; Venezuela bans violent video games

Prognosis Negative

Blue M&M's may cure paralysis! That’s just one claim made recently in a health segment on network TV. For more than three years, editor Gary Schwitzer has been methodically reviewing TV health news claims for accuracy and responsibility. But no more; he’s found ...

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The Good Doctor

According to Gary Schwitzer, there are a few TV M.D.’s who are trying to do good work. Dr. Jonathan LaPook , medical correspondent for "The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric" is one of them. He explains how he struggles to do more with less.

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Web Sickness

Cyberchondria refers to the practice of using Internet search engines to wrongly diagnose oneself with serious illnesses. Carolyn Butler, columnist for The Washington Post, talks about how cyberchondria came to be and she discusses her own bout with the dread disease.

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Health Craze

If you planned this year to celebrate National Headache Awareness Week, you’ve already missed your chance. But don’t fret – the country’s health observances calendar is slated with more than 200 awareness days and weeks and months to satisfy even the choosiest of hypochondriacs. Be hip, be informed and be ...

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The Disney Corporation recently announced that it'll offer a full refund for parents who bought Baby Einstein DVDs, which are reputed to make infants smarter. Bob's excited for a new product which promises to fill the vacuum.

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Political Games

The National Assembly of Venezuela passed a law this month that will outlaw the sale of violent video games in the country. Journalist Clive Thompson says bans like these have more to do with political gamesmanship than preventing violence.

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Big Enough to Fail

Last week, Comcast moved one step closer to acquiring NBC-Universal when the two companies reportedly agreed on a valuation of NBC-Universal at around $30 billion. The idea of combining distribution and content has always seemed like a good idea to media moguls, but Craig Moffett, analyst at Bernstein ...

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Bye Bye Lou

CNN's Lou Dobbs surprised his viewers this week when he announced he was leaving the network after three decades. While speculation is circulating about where he'll land, we revisit this 2006 interview in which Bob asked Dobbs how he gets away with advocating from behind the ...

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