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Friday, November 20, 2009


In 1989, The National Security Archive requested documents from the CIA regarding the Iran-Contra affair. This year, the CIA released them. President Barack Obama promised a new era of transparency and adherence to the Freedom of Information Act, but has he followed through? Yvette Chin, FOIA coordinator for the NSA, tells the story behind the long, long wait for information.

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Mike h from Naperville, Il

Speaking of missing information, long waits and GWU’s NSA archive project, I have been emailing them for years to put the classified files pertaining to Orlando Letelier on their website … all the files. While they have put “some” material on their site, there exists a substantial body of documents that were retrieved after his assassination indicating he was working for both the Cuban and East German intelligence agencies. Countless emails have gone unanswered and I could only postulate that the reason Peter Kornbluh and his colleagues at GWU are so shy about releasing the material on the Letelier killing is because he has such a vested interest in portraying the murder as an act of terrorism on DINA’s part (Chilean secret police) instead of what it was: spy on spy.

Almost makes you think that the good folks at GWU who are committed to openness in the name of a robust historical debate seem to apply this dogma for materials that embarrass the United States and not those that would undermine any positions they advocate.

Nov. 22 2009 04:59 PM

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