The Long Arm of Tyranny

Friday, December 11, 2009


Since this summer’s presidential elections, Iran has responded to dissent with a heavy hand inside the country. Now, new reporting by the Wall Street Journal has uncovered the government’s suppression of dissent outside the country as well. WSJ deputy Middle East bureau chief Farnaz Fassihi explains.

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sal from Irvine

I went to Iran in September. I had heard the that they will check and will ask if I had face book so I closed my facebook before I left, but no one stopped me at the airport to question me about any thing, not even stopped to open my loggages. Coming back was also without any problem. During my stay I was able to check my emails without any problem however I couldn't open some attachments. Several of my friends went to Iran before me and they had no problem either.

Dec. 16 2009 01:53 AM

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