December 18, 2009

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Our life stories both on and offline: a history of the memoir, plus how journalists, sources and newspapers reckon with the ubiquity of online archives in the age of Google

Broad Minded

In just a couple of months, the Federal Communications Commission will introduce its long-awaited National Broadband Plan. Free Press policy director Ben Scott says that rewiring all of America for high-speed internet may be costly and politically unpalatable, but it must be done.

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Don't Read That

This week, the Supreme Court announced it will hear a case about whether an Ontario, California police department violated the privacy rights one of its cops when it reviewed personal text messages he sent on a government pager. Los Angeles Times reporter David Savage says the decision may ...


Unsafe Sext

According to polls released this month, "sexting" - the practice of sending and receving naked photos over cell phones - is on the rise among teens. Slate's Emily Bazelon talks about why teens and technology can be a combustible combination.

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The Searchers

Despite legal safeguards, tens of millions of emails from the Bush administration were thought to be missing, the result of poor digital record keeping. That is, until this week, when two open-government groups secured the release of 22 million emails that had, somewhat miraculously, been found. Chief-counsel for Citizens for ...

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"Dirty" Documents

A dispute over whether to release Argentina’s most famous political prisoner of the “Dirty War” almost fractured the country’s military regime in the early 1980s, according to declassified documents released this month by the National Security Archive. NSA senior analyst Peter Kornbluh ...

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Life Archive

Newspaper archives used to live in dusty stacks in libraries. Today, they're a five second Google search away, leaving news organizations grappling with the question of what to do when an article haunts a source, or even a journalist, online for...essentially...ever. OTM producer Nazanin Rafsanjani reports.

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Read All About Me

From Saint Augustine to Augusten Burroughs, man seems intent on telling the world his life story. Memoir: A History author Ben Yagoda says that the genre produces strong, compelling prose, is subject to abuse and self-indulgence and requires a certain flexibility when defining truth.


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