In Memoriam, James F. Brown

Friday, December 25, 2009


James F. Brown, the former director of Radio Free Europe, died last month. Arch Puddington, author of Broadcasting Freedom: The Cold War Triumph of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty says Brown led RFE to focus more on journalism and less on propaganda.

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Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

Ah, but then there was Charles Z. Wick, Reagan's head of the U.S. Information Agency which oversaw these programs and returned them to being only propaganda organs.

He also owned a string of improperly operated nursing homes (one of that year's underreported stories) which I covered in our Seniors' statewide monthly and by way of recompense, Mr. Wick came to New Haven the weekend before the maiden election campaign of our local Green Party supposedly to donate films to a local college but, when interviewed, he seemed to want to focus not on that but rather on dangerous German political parties, especially their propaganda ministers, which I suppose was my function or at least what I did best for the Party.

If I was Goebbels, what does that make Doonesbury?

Dec. 31 2009 10:54 PM

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