The Art of the Ambush

Friday, January 01, 2010


Legendary producer Lowell Bergman worked for "60 Minutes" for nearly 15 years. He describes the ambush interview's surprising origins and thorny legal history. In this interview, originally broadcast in June, he also explains why reporter Mike Wallace eventually stopped using the technique.

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Stephanie Brown from Sacramento CA

Good piece. One reason ambushing the Fox folks may be slightly less hypocritical is the outrage O'Reilly expressed on his show in regard to the tactic of ambush. Jon Stewart played the clip when he did a story on the Fox person's ambushes. You can defend or deplore the tactic, but deploring it and doing it yourself seems beyond the pale.
Or we could all ambush each other ad infinitum..

Thanks for the show, and happy new year!

Jan. 04 2010 02:59 AM

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