January 8, 2010

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Yemen for Dummies

We've learned a lot about Yemen in the past weeks and according to Yemen expert Brian O'Neill, some of what we've learned has been a mix of cliches and oversimplifications. O'Neill says that when the media spotlight suddenly focuses on a country, journalists play catch up ...

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Speech Code

In past weeks, critics on the right have objected to Obama’s rhetoric following the attempted Christmas Day bombing – they say the President’s message to terrorists hasn’t been tough enough. Historian Joshua Geltzer says that there may have been a strategic reason for the President’s light touch.

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Tablet Fever

Even though it's technically just a rumor, many are speculating that a new tablet computer from Apple could act as a savior to the newspaper and magazine industries. The tablet computer concept has been around for a long time, but with an Apple announcement ...



The first concrete report on the tablet from a mainstream news organization came this week from the Wall Street Journal . The article cites "people briefed with the company," but states without qualification that device will ship this March. So where did this information come from? John Martellaro, ...


Clash of the Cable Titans

The owners of cable giants like Time Warner and Cable Vision began a very public feud this month, with each side accusing the other of corporate greed and disregard for their consumers. Columnist Dan Gross, of Slate and Newsweek, explains what's going on, and what it’ll mean for ...

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Wall Space

For a few hours on Monday the strict controls that China exerts over domestic access to the internet – known as ‘the great firewall’- disappeared. Chinese internet users could twitter, Facebook, read about Tibet - you name it. But was it a harbinger or a glitch? Chinese media ...

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A Fine Balance

With 1.2 billion people, India is the world’s largest democracy and a potentially vast population of internet users. But for Google, with its hugely popular Orkut social networking site, it’s become a minefield of subtle censorship issues. The Wall Street Journal’s Jessica Vascellaro explains how in India, Google ...


War Bonds

Recently, journalist George Stanley embedded with the Army Reserve’s 826th Ordnance Company in Afghanistan, a unit that includes his soldier son. His series about the experience has garnered both praise and criticism. Stanley tells the story of a journalist father looking for answers ...

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