Yemen for Dummies

Friday, January 08, 2010


We've learned a lot about Yemen in the past weeks and according to Yemen expert Brian O'Neill, some of what we've learned has been a mix of cliches and oversimplifications. O'Neill says that when the media spotlight suddenly focuses on a country, journalists play catch up and misinformation can be inevitable.

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I have found that this guest speaker opened my eyes to some facts that I was not fully informed of prior to listening to this. I have since been on his blog. If anyone needs to know more about Yemen that is the place to go.

Jan. 21 2010 05:01 PM
Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

Excuse me but did you guest say Yemen had been "the closest thing to a functioning democracy in the Middle East" in 2004 and 2005? Did I not hear that the country has been led by the same man for something like 40 years?

I get that Al Qaeda was squashed after the Cole bombing but, really, how close to a functioning anything could this government been so recently?

Jan. 13 2010 10:37 PM

I find it funny that the US media complains about all the guns being available in Yemen, while in the US itself, you can also find guns everywhere. Just walk in any Wal*Mart.
So, the right to bear arms should only ever apply to the US?

Jan. 12 2010 11:19 AM
David C Rowe from United States

Nothing this week on the President all but ignoring his own promises and the requeat of C-SPAN to put helath care on TV vs locking out the press in their ping-pong stategy? Why not have Brian Lamb on? Or how about something on how the Hope-And-Change-Transparency-President hasn't done a press conference in 6 months...?

But I DO appreciate the stories on Apple and CES related information.

Jan. 11 2010 06:41 PM
alan barlow from Seattle WA

I don't understand why Bob Garfield treated us to 30 or 40 minutes of free advertising for a product that doesn't exist yet. It hasn't even been ANNOUNCED yet! We don't even know what KIND of product it will be! It was all speculation. "I'm pretty sure it will be some kind of tablet PC."

Gosharootie, Mr. Science! What might happen next? Meat cars? Flying jetpacks? Solar-powered roller skates?

Jan. 10 2010 10:37 PM

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