Clash of the Cable Titans

Friday, January 08, 2010


The owners of cable giants like Time Warner and Cable Vision began a very public feud this month, with each side accusing the other of corporate greed and disregard for their consumers. Columnist Dan Gross, of Slate and Newsweek, explains what's going on, and what it’ll mean for consumers (hint: nothing good).

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I found this interesting because my dad works for Time Warner as a supervisor working behind the scenes basically. Cable companies are just trying to keep up with the economy and make people believe that this is what they want, they need the cable, movies on demand, 800+ channels, internet, phone line, all of the above. I think in a way these companies are being greedy because they make it seem like it's the only choice we have and the more the better. I wouldn't mind having a TV with just the channels I watch on a daily basis and that's it, instead of paying for 500 other channels that I will probably never watch.

Apr. 28 2011 08:20 PM

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