January 15, 2010

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Trying to rebuild the Haitian media; Guantanamo like we've never seen before; the fight over cameras in the Prop 8 court battle

Food, Water, Information

While American and other foreign journalists struggle to report on the earthquake in Haiti, members of the Haitian media are having a much more difficult time keeping their own citizens informed. To address that problem, Internews, a non-profit organization that cultivates journalism in the ...


Faces of Guantanamo

The Miami Herald recently uncovered 15 photographs that depict Guantanamo detainees like we’ve never seen them before. Their faces are visible, they're wearing traditional garb and most look happy. The Herald’s Carol Rosenberg describes the origins of the intimate photos and how they fit into the changing imagery ...

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And Now A Word For Our Sponsor

Last summer the Washington Post, in an attempt to increase revenue, planned a series of off-the-record salons whereby a sponsor could pay for the opportunity to meet with government officials, Post reporters, and others to discuss, say, health care. The man responsible for implementing and marketing the salons was media ...

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Pay Me?

Journalist Paige Williams wrote a profile of Dolly Freed, a reclusive author who'd been briefly famous in the 1970s after writing a book about her years spent living off the grid. When Williams couldn't find anyone willing to publish Freed's story, she decided to publish it herself ...

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Hard Sell

Time was journalism school was touted as the first step to entering The Industry and making a living. But The Industry is quickly collapsing and j-school is scrambling to adjust its training accordingly. Jeff Jarvis, professor and new-media evangelist, argues that the future lies in teaching ‘entrepreneurial journalism,’ where every ...

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The Resolution Will Not Be Televised

It was supposed to be an experiment: cameras in the courtroom for a high profile gay marriage case in San Francisco, with the footage on YouTube and in a handful of other courtrooms across the country. But then on Monday the Supreme Court shut the experiment down and, according to ...

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Federal Withholding

An appeals court heard arguments this week on whether the Federal Reserve should turn over records on trillions of dollars in short-term loans they made to banks during the recent financial crisis. Robert Giuffra, a lawyer for an organization that joined with the Fed ...


The Seriously Late Show

This week Conan O'Brien announced that he would likely leave NBC rather than begin his show at 12:05 AM. This is not the first stormy period in late night's history. In 1993, during Letterman’s defection to CBS, Bob Garfield auditioned for his own talk show on All Things Considered.

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