Faces of Guantanamo

Friday, January 15, 2010


The Miami Herald recently uncovered 15 photographs that depict Guantanamo detainees like we’ve never seen them before. Their faces are visible, they're wearing traditional garb and most look happy. The Herald’s Carol Rosenberg describes the origins of the intimate photos and how they fit into the changing imagery of Guantanamo.

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Ryen Patrick from New York

To Ms. Schenk: Why is it a fact (that can be verified) that not a single Guantanamo prisoner wants to be sent to a different prison if Guantanamo is so bad? There are MANY facts I could use to SHRED your point, but the simplest way to defend the truth is the simple fact that when given the option of other prisons, TO A PERSON each Guantanamo inmate wants to stay at Guantanamo. I think that CLEARLY makes it....ummmmm....the best prison in the world, no? LOL (Impaler of the Ignorant)

Oct. 27 2011 03:29 AM
Penny Schenk from Oxford, UK

An interesting story but I fear it came dangerously close to buying into propaganda portraying Guantanamo as humane. Just because we don't know all the gory details doesn't mean that gross violations of human rights haven't taken place, and don't continue out of our sight. Right after I listened to the podcast of the show, I picked up my Guardian newspaper and read the horrific story of a Libyan UK resident, now released from Guantanamo, who is blind in one eye and has damage to the other because US military personnel jammed fingers into them during interrogation there. So, quite different from smiling portraits.

Jan. 23 2010 06:18 AM

Interesting juxtaposition with the Speaking of Faith interview this evening. Listening to Ed Husain, talk about his friend, the first British Suicide Bomber and then hearing the comments about these pics....interesting!
As usual, we as humans often act and react without understanding!

Jan. 18 2010 12:50 AM

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