January 29, 2010

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Friday, January 29, 2010

The meaning of "middle class"; covering Haiti after the initial crisis; iPad: awesome or...meh?

Up With People

For over a century, politicians trying to rally their base and refocus voter anger have relied on a durable rhetorical tactic - populism - the framing of virtually any issue as us vs. them. President Obama used the strategy in his State of the Union address. Historian and ...

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Playing to the Middle

If you believe the conventional wisdom of both the White House and the punditry, America’s middle class is under attack, in decline and threatened with total extinction. But who exactly are the middle class and where is the evidence of their impending doom? Economist Stephen J. ...

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The Long Run

The Western press descended on Haiti following the devastating earthquake there. But less than a month after the tragedy, most U.S. journalists have already left. The AP's Haiti correspondent, Jonathan Katz, was one of the few journalists in Haiti before the quake. He talks about reporting ...

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Another Week in Iraq

Western journalists were among the targets of suicide bombers in Baghdad this week. The Washington Post and several other news organizations lost their bureaus in the blasts and their employees suffered injuries. The Post's Baghdad Bureau Chief Ernesto Londono describes what happened and talks about ...

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Sim City Baghdad

The U.S. Army has long used video games to train troops in conventional warfare. But the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are anything but conventional. US troops fighting insurgencies need a unique skill set, one they're learning from a simulator that resembles the popular game SimCity. Kim LeMasters, ...

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Tear Down that Firewall

Suddenly it seems, after years of teeth-clenched tolerance, corporate and political entities here in the U.S. – including Google and the State Department – are intent on confronting China over suppression of speech on the Internet. Chinese media analyst Jeremy Goldkorn says that the Chinese government ...


The Internet (Addiction) Age

South Koreans were among the first to truly embrace the internet. Perhaps that’s why the country has also become one of the first to treat internet addiction as a psychiatric disorder. Author Douglas Rushkoff traveled to South Korea for an upcoming series that will air on ...

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The Final Screen?

Apple released its tablet computer this week after years of speculation. The tech media went wild with some loving the iPad and others leaving disappointed. OTM producer Mark Phillips chimes in on why everyone is so anxious to see the device in action.

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