February 19, 2010

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Iceland is paradise for journalists and librarians rule!

Can't Quote This

This week a federal judge heard arguments to determine whether to approve the settlement between Google and two major arms of the publishing industry over Google Books. Many groups used this week's hearings to air grievances with the project. Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig argues ...

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Secret Agent

Who controls the internet? Well, at the moment a trade agreement known as ACTA is being negotiated by the U.S., Japan, the European Union, Canada and more than a dozen other countries, and, if ratified, would significantly regulate what you can and can’t do online. ACTA’s ...

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All Journalists Go To Heaven

Imagine a place where an ironclad shield law protects sources and reporters, where a state-of-the-art FOIA helps assure government transparency, where the strongest whistleblower protection in the world protects leakers, and where First Amendment rights guard against frivolous libel suits. Iceland may become that ...


Shill Game

In a study conducted recently by The Nation, many of the talking heads on cable news were found to also be working as paid lobbyists, often with stakes in the issues they're invited on-air to discuss. Author Sebastian Jones says the problem is much more widespread than we ...

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Supporting Actor

If you've spent time watching cable news shows, there's a good chance you've seen Terry Holt. He's a prolific talking head, and, also, frequently lobbies on behalf of health insurance companies. He says that he tells cable news producers about his lobbying work, but whether they disclose that ...

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We're All Journalists Now

The winners of the George Polk Awards in Journalism were announced this week. Among many familiar names – 60 Minutes, The New York Times, CNN – was one surprise. The award for videography was given to the anonymous person or persons responsible for the video of ...

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Future Shock, Past and Present

Just about every week, a TV news segment or magazine cover scares us with the prospect that new media technology is damaging our brains, our social skills and our culture. But, says neuropsychologist Dr. Vaughn Bell, take a long look back and you’ll see that every new development ...

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Librarians Gone Wild

In her new book, author Marilyn Johnson argues that, even in the Google age, human beings, namely librarians, are still the best resource for accurate answers. In fact, Johnson says librarians are more important now then ever before. Plus, they're fascinating! They compete in

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