Tracking Us All

Friday, March 05, 2010


The cell phone that you’re carrying doubles as a tracking device. That’s right, Verizon has a record of where you've been and now the government is seeking explicit permission from the courts to access those records without probable cause. Electronic Frontier Foundation attorney Kevin Bankston explains.

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Meg from Providence, RI

The last time I called the state police to notify them of a driver in distress on the interstate, that was all I said ... He interrupted me, said "thanks", and hung up. HE KNOW WHERE I WAS and which direction I was traveling on. This creped me out!!! When did this happen? Who said this was okay? There was no crime, no court intervention, NO TIME ot have asked ANYONE for my information. HE JUST HAD IT!! How?

Mar. 07 2010 02:21 PM

The political abuse of the US government going after dissidents and peaceful activists is not a hypothetical, it's demonstrated in the past and present but scarcely reported by most domestic media and tends to be marginalized and misframed when it is covered.

Mar. 06 2010 09:25 PM

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