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Friday, March 05, 2010


An Oregon man made headlines recently for a lawsuit he filed against local police. He claims officers have repeatedly pulled him over, not for his driving, but because he keeps giving them the middle finger. Professor Ira Robbins says the American courts generally protect the right to flip the bird.

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Any police officer that arrests or otherwise harasses a U.S. citizen for flipping the bird should be immediately fired or sent to a country where cops have real problems to deal with (send them to Mexico to deal with the drug cartels). If I were to report a false crime or otherwise waste taxpayer money by causing an unnecessary lawsuit, I would certainly be punished. The same should be true for a law enforcement officer that harasses or punishes a citizen for an action which is clearly covered by the constitution.

May. 31 2011 01:51 PM
Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

It was a July 3rd and a rally for a local club scene harassed by police and I hid the finger I was giving the Chief, famed criminal justice expert Nick Pastore, in the grasp of a street sign. Later that night, police found a way to "detain" me without charge overnight and, as I entered the paddy wagon, I was told that I had better exit with my handcuffs behind me, unlike every other time with them before me, such as the night of my arrest - in front of the same club - for scratching "Revolt" on a door the night of the not guilty verdict in the police beating of Rodney King.

Free speech costs.

Mar. 12 2010 08:57 AM
Robin from Chicago

This is great. I admire this man's chutzpah. He's ballsy, if not wise.

Mar. 11 2010 02:15 PM
Mary Ann from Tacoma

This was hilarious and Prof Robbins history of digitus impudicus-very interesting.

Mar. 07 2010 11:22 PM
MikeL from Rockland Co NY

See Marcy Playground's "Flag and Finger".

Mar. 06 2010 04:43 PM
k mckenna

Just don't flip the bird AND say f--k at the same time.

Mar. 06 2010 12:32 PM

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