Stop Covering All the History!

Friday, April 16, 2010


President Obama said this week's nuclear summit was an "unprecedented gathering to address an unprecedented threat." But before the gathering commenced, the media was asked to leave. The Washington Post's Dana Milbank says this week marked a new low for the Obama White House's relationship with the press.

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Thomas R Troland from New York

Believe it or not, the President also has a JOB to do. Maybe, just maybe, controlling nuclear arms is a task that requires more DOING than TALKING ABOUT. The media wouldn't get access to the workings of corporations as strategy is being made and decisions taken. I see no difference here. If the media's access to the process would gum up the works... as it ALWAYS does... then this VERY IMPORTANT JOB ought to be done with the media outside the door.

Apr. 19 2010 01:40 PM
raul from san francisco

You guys crack me up. After reading that sad list of press complaints about Robert Gibbs, this gab is the cherry on the cake.

You people, "the press" are so focused on how you're being slighted it is hard to take it all seriously.

The fact that Bob finds the lack of a press round with the President and another world leader the most upsetting thing is extremely telling.

Yeah, the world missed a opportunity to hear another benal question about the futulity of what the President has just gone through not to mention his answer refuting the snarky question. What a lose.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Perhaps, if we can get through Wall Street reform or energy legislation with some more probative reporting & less of "The President gave the press the slip today, to attend his girl's soccer game crap." Maybe then we the "public" will take the concerns of you the "press" a bit more seriously.

Let's face it, you the "press" as a whole (I love OTM) did a pretty lousy job over the previous 8 years, and now are you really gonna whine about how much access you thought you'd get. Come on!

I say do your darn jobs!

Leave the whining about the lack of "club courtesy" from the White House for the bar after work and not on the public's airwaves.


Apr. 18 2010 05:15 PM

all i heard was transparency in late '08 and early '09, now things are becoming more and more opaque. historically, the government has not been in control of financial institutions, auto manufacturers and the list will continue to grow. shame on otm? right. he wanted the foreign leaders to see the seriousness of the issue..... guess we will never know. journalism is no longer what i was taught in school. all i hear is reporters opinions.... and i really don't care what they think. fox has gone to far right, cnn to far left. to millbank and otm, what you are doing is not garbage. it is what journalism is and you should never let up....lest we will have government giving us the news. can you imagine?

Apr. 18 2010 01:44 PM

does milbanks want to be handfed information like the bush administration hand fed fox news?

he needs to grow up, and do some journalism.

and his complaint about china's press talking to president hu? it was probably state owned media.

Apr. 18 2010 10:09 AM
Scott Mills from North Carolina

All the "whining" is about a president who promised a new level of transparency to the public, a new level of access to the inner workings of negotiation within the White House. This transparency is delivered through the media, not just the official statements, video, or photos from the White House itself. Whenever he fails to deliver on this promise it is the media's right and responsibility to say so. OTM is simply doing this.

Apr. 18 2010 06:19 AM
chuck thompson from Anchorage AK

I'm of two minds about Obama's lack of press "availability."

On the one hand, the press is generally too spoiled and demanding of total access all the time. Historically, the press wasn't granted such favored access -- even getting seats on Presidential and campaign flights -- as they now seem they feel entitled to . . .

while on the other, every time a man responsible for our collective society and security dodges a question, it's gotta make you wonder what he's up to (or, 'not' up to.) The unceremonial shepherding of the press out of the summit like so many nuisance children did seem a bit much but then we also know how the constant presence of recording equipment, cameras and microphones can make a serious event into a comical free-for-all.
It's one of the reasons why courtrooms have wisely allowed limited press activity / video coverage in such incremental, baby steps.

So, is it whining?
Um, yeah . . . but not entirely undeservedly so.

Apr. 17 2010 10:49 PM

milbanks is just sad crying cuz he isn't getting any love from the what house.

this measure was probably drawn up before acceptances to attend by the attendees. stop whining.

Apr. 17 2010 12:03 PM
alex from Brooklyn

Whine whine whine...

The press couldn't cover the President as he attended his daughter's soccer game!!!??? Oh, my god!!! It's the end of the republic!!

And they didn't get to take pictures of the president signing something? Gasp!!!!

Shame on Dana Milbank for this garbage. He weakens his potentially valid points with such trivialities.

And shame on OTM for failing to offer any sort of potential explanation. Perhaps Obama was trying to communicate to foreign leaders the seriousness with which he takes this matter, and was trying to send a message that he was looking for more than empty platitudes to feed a mass audience?

If Milbank and OTM want to do a piece on openness, that would be fine. But this is indistinguishable from whining about how Obama is not spoon feeding press.

Apr. 17 2010 10:51 AM

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