Killing By Numbers

Friday, April 16, 2010


Since the "shot heard round the world" rang out on April 19th, 1775, the date of April 19th and/or April 20th have been imbued with significance. From Hitler’s birth to the killings at Waco, Columbine and Oklahoma City, each event echoes or evokes the anniversary of the last. Bob and Brooke weigh in on the numerology of terror.

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"White Supremacist Randy Weaver" (as described by the media for weeks) testified before the Senate after the charges that cost him his wife and son were thrown out. Had he been more than a casual observer of those groups, he probably wouldn't have been targeted by the ATF.

Special federal rules of engagement drawn up to allow deadly force without threat or offer to surrender, an Idaho prosecutor thwarted by "sovereign immunity", a 12 day televised standoff, a Congressional task force, two weeks of televised hearings, a couple of books and a CBS miniseries... You couldn't find anything about a raid?

It's not related to April other than McVeigh citing the event as a catalyst/excuse for his actions, and many agents there were later at Waco. Remember the black helicopter stories also popular in 1992 that even included claims by Mr. H. Ross Perot?

It's all old news today, but it still provides easy ammunition to those needing evidence of an overreaching government. The current administration really hasn't given them much to work with.

Apr. 20 2010 12:43 AM
tyrrell from Honolulu, Hi

For the record, and with all due respect to OTM's fine programming, Randy Weaver was not a white supremacist by his own admission. He was indeed a anti-government, and lived in a part of the country where white supremacy had a following, but in an interview with him he said he was not a racist. To be sure, he had other beliefs that put him in the same circles as white supremacists.

Apr. 19 2010 08:00 PM
dominique from Sacramento, CA

My husband was working in a Social Security office in Pensacola, Florida, a city where among other things they shoot doctors. Federal jobs in the South were prized as up until recent decades wages in other sectors were lower than in the rest of country. That is why many college educated men were working essentially clerical jobs in Social Security field offices. By the 1990s, the Pensacola office was filled with women who may or may not have had college degrees. If they were African American they did. This office was officially run by a redneck from Tennessee who was senile and diabetic and rarely came into the office. When he did, he enjoyed hollering lewd things outside the women’s restroom.

Among the male claims representatives was a gun enthusiast who usually had a trunk load of ams and did deals in the parking lot. One guy played Rush Limbaugh on the radio out loud, my husband’s introduction to his existence. (Talking loudly while conducting an interview with a client or listening to a disk player with earbuds when entering data into the ancient bureaucratic software was the only recourse to this situation.) The day of the Oklahoma bombing all radios were on, the TV set from the break room was blaring away until they found out it was Timothy McVeigh Then it went silent. While the Post Office planted a tree as a memorial, there was no mention of it here. My husband removed the list of his murdered colleagues from an Social Security employees publication and kept it in front of him on his cubical wall.

My husband got an early retirement and we headed back out West. I hope the MSNBC documentary informs our younger population and those who had other things on their mind. If viewed by the 20-30% of our population who prefers focused group tested lies, no doubt the bits and pieces which conform to their psyche will just reenforce their skewed perspective. Hopefully it will be young law enforcement officers who get the picture.

Apr. 18 2010 07:25 PM

And April 20th, aka 4/20 is also the day and time that people smoke pot. The national weed holiday is officially 4/20.

Seriously, you need to run a correction or addendum to add it to this. If you polled the American people, or at least people below the age of 25, this is what they would say.

Apr. 17 2010 01:07 AM

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