May 28, 2010

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Friday, May 28, 2010

The price of privacy, Rand Paul and the national media spotlight, Arizona's immigration law

The Cost of Privacy

Facebook changed their privacy settings this week after much vocal criticism. The settings are easier to control and more people will presumably change their settings to private. The media unanimously decided that this was a good thing, but Bob asks whether it's that simple.

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The Other Privacy Debate

Currently, law enforcement officials can access your search logs, archived e-mails and Google Docs without permission from a judge. Privacy advocates say that's because the law that is supposed to protect that information was drafted back in 1986. 1986! Now, a group called Digital ...

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The Kentucky press and Rand Paul

Tea party icon Rand Paul celebrated his Senate primary victory last week by taking to the national airwaves to air some controversial views about the Civil Rights Act. Some media watchers expressed surprised that a candidate with such views could become the mainstream nominee and they blamed the ...

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A Personal Angle on the AZ Immigration Bill

Every so often, when a local story becomes a national story, we like to ask local reporters what they think of all the coverage. This week, Arizona Republic reporter Daniel Gonzalez talks about coverage of that state's controversial immigration bill and about the challenges of being ...

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The Future of Internet Regulation

Earlier this month, the FCC announced a new direction for regulation of the internet by announcing that they plan to treat the internet much like the telephone, as a common good. It all goes back to something called " common carriage." Professor James Speta of Northwestern Law ...


The Master of Photographic Perfection

In the twenty years since Photoshop was released, computers have fundamentally altered the world of modern photography. In that time, Pascal Dangin has emerged as the master of the art of perfecting the imperfect. New Yorker staff writer Lauren Collins wrote a profile of Dangin. She explains the ...

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Snap Judgments

What are the rules that govern journalistic portrait photography? Wide-angle lenses, nonstandard lighting, shooting from below – they’re all fair game and frequently employed by photogs working for major publications. But what obligation is there to the subject? Bob searches for answers in this story originally broadcast in 2008.

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