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Friday, June 11, 2010


Brooke and Bob read a few of your letters and comments.

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Jerry Orlando from USA

I just heard the guy on your "bias" discussion talking about how he loves NPR but thinks it's biased so won't support it. Ira Glass was sort of groveling to convince the idiot that NPR isn't biased.

We'll NEVER please these freaks. Their positions are born of ignorance and mythology. It's like when a parent wants everyone to play along with their 14 year old who still believes in Santa Claus and browbeats everyone into participating in the charade.

The truth has a liberal bias. Conservatism by its very nature is backwards and wrong, getting discredited time and time again. Ironically, you started the story with the diagram guy by talking of things we all believe, such as "slavery is wrong." What you failed to note is that the conservatives of that period didn't believe that. They were fine with slavery, child labor, environmental degradation, all the things we universally (sort of) accept.

Mar. 21 2011 11:40 PM

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