June 25, 2010

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Confessions of a video game addict and Sebastian Junger on Restrepo

Free Speech Trumped By National Security

Cash, arms, ammunition – all would understandably rank as “material support” under the federal law prohibiting Americans from aiding foreign terrorist groups. But what about speech? This week the Supreme Court ruled that anyone giving advice to terrorists – even advice motivated by peace – can ...

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Disclosure Bill Exempts National Rifle Association and Others

The House narrowly passed the "DISCLOSE" Act this week. Supporters say it will shed light on the way corporations, unions and non-profits spend money on election ads. But the bill exempts the National Rifle Association, the Sierra Club and a few other 501(c)(4) non-profits from some ...

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The McChrystal Bombshell

How did Michael Hastings get such candor from McChrystal and his advisers? CNN's former senior Pentagon correspondent Jamie McIntyre was on the military beat for 16 years. His theory comes down to the beat reporter versus freelancer divide. Beat reporters may be less likely ...

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Three years ago, journalists Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington embedded in Afghanistan with a platoon of the U.S. Army, and over the course of one year filmed soldiers on patrol, under attack and during the boredom in between. Junger talks about why he risked his life to make

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New Lawsuits Target Illegal Movie Downloaders

A company called The US Copyright Group have started targeting illegal movie downloading, picking up where the RIAA left off in 2008. Ars Technica senior editor Nate Anderson says that these lawsuits could be an attempt to create a new revenue stream for the movie industry ...

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Tom Bissell on Why Video Games Matter

Are video games mindlessly violent and hopelessly juvenile or a creative medium with unbelievable potential for immersive storytelling? Writer and critic Tom Bissell says … both. Mostly though he finds them wholly addictive and he comes by his appraisal after hundreds, maybe thousands, of hours of navigating ...

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