July 9, 2010

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Torture in Chicago, hearts and minds in Pakistan

For Reporter John Conroy, A Torture Story Without End

Last week, former police commander Jon Burge was convicted after 30 years of accusations that he’d tortured dozens of suspects on Chicago’s South Side. It should have been the satisfying culmination of decades of single-minded investigative reporting on the story by longtime Chicago reporter John Conroy. But as ...

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Waterboarding and Torture

On the Media has discussed the semantic, political and ethical debate over torture and waterboarding since 9/11/2001. Brooke returns to some of the voices we've heard from on the subject and appraises where we stand in 2010.

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Newspapers and "Waterboarding"

When details emerged during the Bush Administration about so-called "harsh interrogation techniques," news organizations debated whether they should classify waterboarding as torture. A recent study from the Shorenstein Center at Harvard took a look back at the coverage and found that four of the ...

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Can the U.S. “Correct the Record” in Pakistan?

With a huge increase in media sources over the past decade, the news scene in Pakistan is lively and controversial. In order to counter what it considers to be outright falsities in the Pakistani press, the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad now routinely issues Corrections ...

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The End of Libel?

It used to be that part of the cost of doing good journalism (or making the occasional mistake) was a libel suit. So imagine reporter John Koblin's surprise when he discovered that in the last few years domestic libel suits against the big media companies have quietly stopped. ...

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The Crowdsourcing Dilemma

Does crowdsourcing a logo give opportunities to unknown designers, or take advantage of them? Bob dealt with this dilemma when choosing a cover for his book. So why not crowdsource the book itself? crowdSPRING.com co-founder Mike Samson speaks with Bob.

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Happy Birthday, Dalai Lama

In observation of his 75th birthday, we are rebroadcasting our piece on the Dalai Lama. For him, emptiness is not just a Buddhist concept—it’s an enormously successful P.R. strategy. Attacks from China don’t hurt his image either. In the wake of his Congressional Gold Medal, ...

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