July 16, 2010

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Newspaper special: are papers really dead? Can Google bring them back to life? Plus, vote for our new jingle!

Are Newspapers Dead Yet?

Despite all the doomsaying about the fate of the newspaper over the last couple of years, they appear to be soldiering on, and some are even turning a profit. Brooke looks at the current state of the daily and does a little prognosticating on their continued viability in the marketplace.

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Government Intervention to Save Journalism

Since last December, the FTC has been hosting workshops to discuss the future of journalism in the internet age. But according to buzzmachine.com blogger Jeff Jarvis, the FTC's released draft of proposals heavily favors outmoded journalism models and hinders technological innovations that could revolutionize the industry.

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Should Newspapers Charge for Content Online?

Should newspapers put up paywalls? Pro-paywallers, like Rupert Murdoch, say absolutely! Newspapers must charge for costly reporting in order to survive! Anti-paywallers argue that papers can't afford to shut out the open and free web. Alan Murray of the (paywall-ed) Wall Street Journal ...

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Google's Quest to Save Newspapers

The Atlantic’s James Fallows wrote recently: “Everyone knows that Google is killing the news business. Few people know how hard Google is trying to bring it back to life.” Over the past year, Fallows spent lots of time with Google employees all working on one thing: saving the ...

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Is Hyperlocal the Future of News?

One school of thought says that news organizations are best equipped to cover small neighborhoods, so if you really want to attract readers go local. Last year, the New York Times began its own trial with so-called hyperlocal reporting, starting cautiously in just a handful of neighborhoods in ...

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Newspaper of the Future

News existed before newsprint. Will it exist after? Of course, according to Yochai Benkler. What we confront, he argues, is a set of practical questions: what do we need in our news? What do we care about? The author of The Wealth of Networks describes our shift ...


Hot off the Presses: OTM's New Jingle

You all know the jingle "Present and Future Business Models for Monetizing the Newspaper Industry." Listen along with Brooke and Bob to the new candidates.

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