Mexico's El Diario Pleads with Drug Cartels

Friday, September 24, 2010


After one of its photographers was gunned down by members of a drug cartel, the Ciudad Juarez edition of the newspaper El Diario ran a front page editorial asking "What do you want from us?". El Diario editor Gerardo Rodriguez explains.

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John W. from Carrollton (Dallas), Texas

Having grown up in El Paso, Texas, right across from Juarez, I feel indescribable pain and sadness for the many innocent citizens of Juarez who now suffer daily as victims of random killings and violence. I've recorded some memories of happier days, as well as thoughts about the ugly present, at

Sep. 27 2010 12:04 AM
Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

Well, let's see. I am assuming that international media includes "entertainment", dramatic television, and we have no further to look but last evenings Jimmy Smit vehicle Outlaw, where ex-Supreme Court Justice Garza flies to the defense of an Arizona police officer charged with the racially motivated shooting of an unarmed Hispanic US citizen near the border. A nuanced defense in front of a largely Hispanic jury frees him with the concept that his client is the little guy caught in the web of the conflicting demands of his job. Questioning an Hispanic's citizenship status near the border isn't racism, it is common sense, Garza asserts!

Now, as to the core problem; if we could figure out how to prepare our citizens for and help provide meaningful lives to them, our country would not be the market of choice for the world's various competing drug cartels. It only helps the oligarchs. Duh!

Sep. 25 2010 09:13 PM
Just a Thought

I am afraid the drug cartels will not respond well to the pithy use of "irony" or any other literary device and neither will anyone else for long.

Regarding the incredible question "what do you want from us?".... well, without the benefit of an expensive Communication Arts degree, the cartels have sent a "clear message". Parts of Mexico are now lawless and they expect to be the lords and masters on their part of it. The truth is that the media do want the cartels to provide them a shameful "bill of particulars" that they will accept like is done in other war zones. As we see in this nation when it comes to coverage of religion and politics, the media know how to pick their fights carefully.

Here is another "clear message" that no one is taught at
J school but should be..."It is the soldier, not the journalist that gives us freedom of the press".
I hope the international media and the US government bring attention to the out of control chaos in Mexico just as soon as they are done with their brave and courageous demonizing of Arizona as an apartheid police state which inexplicably wants to a have a secure border so it can be a reliable sanctuary for fleeing Mexican journalists given asylum. Unlike their American counterparts, terrified Mexican reporters and their families escaping the lawless regions of Mexico may find strict Arizona law to be a great comfort. Now that's ironic. Thanks

Sep. 25 2010 09:12 AM

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