November 19, 2010

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Friday, November 19, 2010

"Don't touch my junk" and blogging the Civil War

The TSA and 'Don't touch my junk'

Against the odds, 'Don’t touch my junk' has become a clarion call for frustrated air travelers weighing whether (or how) to buck the TSA’s increasingly invasive security protocol. What began as a cell phone video quickly became a web sensation, a cable news staple and possibly a day of action ...

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The Social Inbox

Last week, Facebook rolled out a new service called Facebook Messages, described by Business Week as "nothing less than a revolutionary bid to make Facebook our personal communications hub." But Dan Gillmor, of the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship, says the prospect of any company capturing his identity online ...

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Kaplan and the Washington Post

Kaplan Higher Education runs for-profit colleges that are under intense scrutiny for misleading students about their future success in order to rake in federal student loans - loans that students often default on. Kaplan Higher Education is also the highly profitable subsidiary of the Washington Post Company which is ever-more ...

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Reporting from Detroit

Earlier this year, seven-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones was killed while sitting on her couch by a stray police bullet during a midnight raid. Some have suggested that the raid was overly aggressive, and that officers may have been influenced by a reality TV crew that was following them that night. Journalist ...

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Mark Twain's New, 100-year-old Autobiography

There has been much ado lately over the release of Mark Twain's autobiography after a century-long embargo. But with only a small portion of the material in fact never-before-published, is this merely deft brand management by Twain from beyond the grave? Writer Craig Fehrman describes the tactics behind the embargo ...

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Blogging the Civil War

Professor Adam Goodheart's blog, Disunion, covers the American Civil War as if it were a real-time event, unfolding today. Goodheart's been using Civil War Era journalism as one of his primary sources and says that blogging the war gives his readers a sense of immediacy that a traditional ...


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