December 3, 2010

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Friday, December 03, 2010

Bill Keller of the NY Times discusses WikiLeaks, and the Arab world responds to the controversial cable dump.

A Week of WikiLeaks

It’s been a full week of WikiLeaks after the organization’s controversial publishing of more than a quarter million documents last Sunday sent shock waves through diplomatic circles around the world. Brooke navigates through the storm of media coverage and the range of reactions to this unprecedented intelligence release.

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Executive Editor Bill Keller on The New York Times and WikiLeaks

If a WikiLeaks document dump drops on the internet and no prominent newspapers report on it, does it make a sound? What precautions should The New York Times take when it’s printing potentially sensitive leaked cables? Is there anything The New York Times shouldn’t publish, even though it’s newsworthy? Bill ...

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WikiLeaks and Arabic Language Media

Of the many classified diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks, those quoting Arab leaders talking frankly about Iran were somehow least surprising and most titillating. To hear King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia urging the U.S. to "cut off the head of the snake" in Iran was simply remarkable. George Washington University ...

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WikiLeaks and Protections for Federal Whistleblowers

After 30 years, Tom Devine and the Government Accountability Project are finally within spitting distance of securing meaningful legislative protections for federal whistleblowers. And who should show up but WikiLeaks, often labeled as a whistleblower site, threatening to sully the term and scuttle all of Devine’s political progress. Devine explains ...

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The US Copyright Group's Anti-Downloader Crusade

Since the beginning of this year, the U.S. Copyright Group has filed over 16,000 lawsuits against downloaders in a profit-sharing arrangement with independent movie companies. Bob gives some updates on a conversation we had with Nate Anderson of Ars Technica about the US Copyright Group in June of ...

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High Court Speech Cases in Wartime

Throughout American history, wartime protests (and government suppression of them) have led to blockbuster Supreme Court free speech cases. Although not always friendly to free speech advocates, these decisions have ignited national conversations about what speech the government can and cannot outlaw during wartime. But after examining our current era, ...

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Justice Brennan and the First Amendment

Justice William J. Brennan served on the Court from 1956 to 1990, and during that time helped forge the interpretation of the First Amendment we now take for granted. Seth Stern, Congressional Quarterly reporter and co-author of the new biography, Justice Brennan: Liberal Champion, talks about Brennan’s influence ...

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The Gaming of Google

We rely on Google to deliver the most accurate and helpful search results. But what if an online business could game Google's search algorithm to be listed first by providing terrible service? David Segal of The New York Times talks about an online merchant who did just that ...

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