White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Announces Resignation

Friday, January 07, 2011


This week, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced that he’ll step down from his post. The New York Times' reporter Mark Leibovich says that Gibbs doesn’t leave behind a memorable legacy – and that that’s a pretty sure sign of his success.

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Will Hernan

in to other peoples
mouths and that he knew how to not be misunderstood in the twitter and blog world.
There are not many other views to consider because he is retiring. Him retiring is not a
debatable topic. The only thing debatable in this report is if he actually handled everything the
right way. One aspect to look at the retirement is that someone else is stepping in to his position
and that its there turn to make there own contribution.

Mar. 01 2011 01:12 PM
Will Hernan

This report talks about Robert Gibbs and the fact that he is retiring. It talks about how he
has been with the Obama administration since his senate run in 2004, and on how he became
the communication secretary during the 08 campaign. It also talks about how Roberts Gibbs
was a good person for his post and on how he has handled it extraordinarily well and on how
most of his greater accomplishments as White House Press Secretary will go largely unnoticed.
It also talks about how he handled the pressure of being the Obama’s Press secretary.
The report also talked about how he said “that the Democrats could lose the House of
Representatives” and on how he was right and that he an spoke about the possibility of that
happening because in politics nothing is given it has to be taken. It also talks about the fact that
he was well respected by everyone including the President Obama. Also, that he has the ability
to do the day to day media conferences and that he wouldn’t but words

Mar. 01 2011 01:12 PM
salvatore principato from new york city

Mark Leibovich's hind-sighted observation that Robert Gibbs was speaking the truth when he suggested democratic defeat in the mid-terms was totally off-base. Robert Gibbs wasn't speaking the truth because you can only speak the truth about the past & present not the future. What Robert Gibbs did was what the right always does: if you repeat a statement enough and enough people believe then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy even if it wasn't inevitable. I feel the media in general and Robert Gibb's in particular in this instance handed the republicans a victory by oft repeating before the fact that they would be victorious.

Jan. 09 2011 03:24 PM
Just a Thought

Not sure what this man from the NY Times is talking about. Gibbs was absolutely noticed...especially with the snark giggling and patronizing tone and antics. Although probably not the reason, any self respecting
Press Secretary would resign after a President with a former President on a whim calls a surprise press conference without the courtesy of informing his "well respected" Press Secretary so he can do his job. That job may include suggesting to Obama that running away in the middle of an apparently urgent press conference to yet another Christmas party ("We will not rest...") and leaving Bill Clinton at the podium to defend his policies for him is not a good idea and not Presidential. Especially considering the main, if not only appeal of Obama was his brilliant communication talents; which now is called by even his supporters, his "communication problem". Thanks

Jan. 08 2011 08:44 AM

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