National Security Letters and Gag Orders

Friday, January 21, 2011


The most serious kind of subpoena - called a 'National Security Letter' - used to have a lifetime gag-order automatically attached. That is until Nicholas Merrill appealed his and won the right to talk about it. Despite 50,000 national security letters a year there are only three organizations who have ever won the right to say they got one. Nick Merrill explains why he's the exception and the rule.

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Zachary Hinton from Raleigh

This is crazy. Having the FBI call you then come to your office with a letter seems like a scene from the matrix. It would be quite hard for me to keep quiet if the government sent me a letter telling me not to talk considering all I do is talk. The security letters do help Americans remain safe tho, so I do not believe they should be taken out. As Americans I think we should all step up and accept the responsibility if it's given to us. But I wonder what will happen if the security letter is given to someone the government didn't know was a terrorist?

Feb. 16 2011 12:46 PM

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