Google's Quest to Save Newspapers

Friday, January 28, 2011


The Atlantic’s James Fallows wrote recently: “Everyone knows that Google is killing the news business. Few people know how hard Google is trying to bring it back to life.” Over the past year, Fallows spent lots of time with Google employees all working on one thing: saving the newspaper business. He explains how they plan to do it.

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I do believe that news is being duplicated. Now-a-days you can find the exact stories that are in the newspaper, online. If anyone wants to know the news then you can just find it on a website run by the newspaper. I do commend Google for trying to help the newspapers stay alive but their reasoning, they didn't want to seem like the "bad guy," seems a little bit skewed.

Feb. 03 2011 12:57 PM
Karin Lundgren from Auckland, New Zealand

It's so true that there is unnecessary duplication in news production. Here in NZ (4.5 million people) several major TV channels complete on news, all trying to make out that their news are better because their people are better, essentially. This has never seemed like a relevant point of differentiation to me - I don't care one bit about the 'personalities' behind my daily news update. They're all equally competent, equally slick, equally insightful (or not) - there's not one bit of difference between the two news hours that air at the same time on different channels every night. I wish they'd just combine their efforts already.

Jan. 31 2011 07:44 PM

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