Is Hyperlocal the Future of News?

Friday, January 28, 2011


One school of thought says that news organizations are best equipped to cover small neighborhoods, so if you really want to attract readers go local. Last year, the New York Times began its own trial with so-called hyperlocal reporting, starting cautiously in just a handful of neighborhoods in the metro area. Deputy Metro editor Mary Ann Giordano talks about the experiment.

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Lance Knobel from Berkeley, CA

I think there's a rich vein of media entrepreneurship and creativity in local news sites that OTM could expose more fully. The experiments by the Times and other large organizations are interesting, but most of the real innovation is happening on a purely local scale.

We have (I'm a co-founder), which breaks news regularly and is picked up by the Times and many others. There are a host of local sites in Seattle that are doing great work. And all of us have found sufficient ad revenues to be at or near sustainability.

Jan. 31 2011 11:08 AM
Rose Sculley from New York City

I was surprised to hear this program broadcast on NPR on Sunday, January 20, 2011, when it was rebroadcasted along with other elements of the On the Media program, from last Spring 2010. Even though this is an editorial about hyperlocal news, the interview with Mary Ann Giordano gives the impression that the information is current. I am a loyal follower of On the Media, and a great fan of Brooke Gladstone, but I would have appreciated it if On the Media had informed the public of when it was originally broadcast. Thank you.

Jan. 30 2011 05:23 PM

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