What's Al Jazeera's Role in the Egyptian Protests?

Friday, February 04, 2011


Al Jazeera has managed to provide non-stop coverage of the events in Egypt, despite having its Cairo bureau shut down, its equipment confiscated and its reporters harassed by Egyptian authorities. The network has been criticized for its role in fueling the uprisings from Tunisia to Egypt, but Al Jazeera English Managing Director Al Anstey says they are just reporting the news.

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habtamu shewalemma from ethiopia

I heartfully admire your fair disclosure of information about the popular revolution in the Arabs.

Mar. 30 2011 04:27 AM
Rich Heyman from Austin, TX

I am one of the many Americans that found the webfeed from Al Jazeera so compelling in the past two weeks, so I was particularly interested in your interview with Al Anstey, who insisted that Al Jazeera maintained a strict objectivity without bias and without taking sides. Anyone who has viewed Al Jareera for more than a few minutes, as I have, would clearly see that they are not objective in their coverage of Egypt--they are clearly pro-democracy and anti-authoritarian. This is not a complaint or critique. Al Jazeera is clearly a voice for Western-style liberal democracy and is clearly a voice against autocratic regimes in Arab-speaking world. I wish you had pressed Al Anstey about his claims to objectivity.

Feb. 07 2011 03:24 PM
Just a Thought

One can appreciate how some US journalists admire Al Jazerra defying state run media and "broadcasting..stories that some parties may not want to be seen." Perhaps their example can cause us to reflect on under reported news stories in this country in recent days. To name a few that some may suggest, there is the Philadelphia abortion doctor investigation, the hate speech at left-wing protests and the federal court rulings of unconstitutionality and contempt against the current administration that the US mainstream media apparently refuses to cover sufficiently or not at all and "may not want to be seen". Thanks

Feb. 07 2011 09:13 AM
anna bellisari from yellow springs, OH

We need Al Jazeera English! If the US were a truly democratic country, AJE would certainly not be banned from cable TV.

Feb. 06 2011 11:17 AM

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