Matt Cutts, Head of Google's Web Spam Team

Friday, February 25, 2011


When most companies try to improve their search engine optimization the search engine they're optimizing is Google. But the ease of a Google search belies the hard work that Google engineers like Matt Cutts do behind the scenes to assure that search isn't gamed or unfairly manipulated. Cutts explains how Google must set the search rules, over and over again.

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Kristy Rawson from Ann Arbor, MI

Excellent point, Walter. Of course the answer to your question is: we can't. This kind of power is what leads to the inevitable situation where a bunch of impotent congress-people (made impotent by deregulation) stare at a bunch of capitalists at a congressional hearing and––realizing that the capitalists acted immorally but not illegally––say something stupid like "Is that fair? ... Where is your heart, sir? ... How can you sleep at night?" When will we give up the naive idea that, without state enforcement, capitalism will do simply do what capitalism was designed to do... commodify, monopolize, exploit. It's not mysterious. Thank you Walter!

Feb. 27 2011 02:19 PM
Walter J. Herrmann from Chicago, Illinois

How can we be assured that Mr. Cutts or one of his successors does not or will not in the future show any more intgrity than the Bond Rating agencies who we now find out practiced what we could cal "red light integrity?"

Feb. 26 2011 04:48 PM

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