How Search Engines are Changing Journalism

Friday, February 25, 2011


As online news outlets vie for search engine supremacy, journalists are learning to write their stories so that they appear on top of search results. Perhaps no outfit does this better than The Huffington Post. The site was just bought by AOL for a whopping 315 million dollars. Slate's Farhad Manjoo says that the driving force behind The Huffington Post's web traffic is their SEO-savvy style.

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Nick from Massachusetts

I heard this segment on Thursday night on WAMC (Albany, NY) while driving. It was part of a larger set of pieces, all of which dealt with this and related issues. But OTM only seems to have this one segment. Are the others available somewhere?

Mar. 05 2011 01:35 PM
Jake Loverly from

make that ""

web version of "The Courier News"

Mar. 04 2011 06:51 PM
Jake Loverly from North Plainfield, NJ

Web content's problem isn't useless content from ehow -- but unreadable crap from gannett et al.

I have gone to ehow 5x this week (clean aerogarden; delete songs from ipod, etc) and clicked out satisfied each time.

This week I've gone to, my local professional news source about 5x -- and clicked out every time learning *nothing* about my town or county, finding no up-to-date events calendar, nearby advertisers, let alone any news (aside from 2 month old police news -- on the front page).

Ehow, unlike Gannett, has a soul. That and a plan. And an audience.

Mar. 04 2011 11:22 AM

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