March 4, 2011

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Friday, March 04, 2011

A hacker anthropologist on the shadowy internet group Anonymous; why there may never be a Canadian Fox News; a prison inmate becomes Bernie Madoff's PR guy

Protestors or Rebels: How the Label Changes Our Perception of Libya

This week, in press accounts of the protests in Libya, "protestors" suddenly became "rebels." Why? And, how does the word “rebel” change the way readers perceive the conflict there? Foreign Policy Managing Editor Blake Hounshell and New York Times Foreign Editor Susan Chira explain when to ...

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Does Metaphorical Framing Really Work?

While editors and journalists worry about whether a simple word choice could influence their readers, politicians take another tack. They use metaphors all the time, explicitly in order to persuade people to view things their way. Lera Boroditsky, a psychology professor at Stanford University, conducted an experiment to see just ...

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Labor's Image Problem

Pro-union protesters are still turning out in Wisconsin to rally against Governor Scott Walker's proposed legislation that would, among other things, strip unions of their collective bargaining rights. In some ways, this is a classic labor dispute. But media watchers and labor historians have been telling us this week that, ...

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The Many Moods of Anonymous

Anonymous has been making headlines lately for their online and offline protests in support of Wikileaks, North Africa, and the unions in Wisconsin. But are they pranksters, hackers, or activists? New York University anthropologist Gabriella Coleman says that they represent the gamut of internet behavior, from its ...

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Bob and Brooke read from a few of your letters.

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An Update On Who Killed The Bill

We asked you to help us identify the anonymous senator who effectively killed the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act on December 22nd, 2010. And wow, did you help. We've narrowed the field to just four(!)remaining Senators. But we still need your help, especially if you're from Alabama, Kentucky, Idaho or Arizona. ...

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How to Get to Bernie Madoff

Reporter Steve Fishman's profile of Bernard Madoff in New York Magazine had us wondering about the story behind the story. How did Fishman reach Madoff? Why did Madoff, who's granted very few interviews since his arrest, agree to talk to Fishman? Turns out, the answers ...

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Lying is Illegal in Canada('s news broadcasts)

Canadian television regulators announced that rules forbidding Canadian newscasters from broadcasting lies on air will not be changed. The proposal to soften anti-lying rules outraged Canadian citizens, some of whom drew a parallel between the proposed law and the impending launch of a controversial new cable news channel. ...

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Churning Out PR

A new website in the UK is trying to help the public distinguish between independent journalism and reports that simply regurgitate information from publicists. Churnalism allows users to compare press releases with actual news articles to see how much they overlap. Martin Moore is the Director of the ...

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