< An Update On Who Killed The Bill


Friday, March 04, 2011

BROOKE GLADSTONE: And here’s an update on our Who Killed the Bill Project. We're trying to identify the senator who placed an anonymous hold on the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act on the last day of last year’s legislative session, effectively killing the bill. We've asked you to contact your senators, and the process has been hugely successful. All but four senators have confirmed that they did not kill the bill. But the four that remain have all been saying the same thing: The anonymous hold is private, none of your business. So we decided to change things up a bit and we have some questions you can use on the website that ask, why does the senator not reveal his – yes, they're all men – legislative actions to his constituents, especially since support for the bill was said to be unanimous in both Houses, and yet one senator seemed fit to kill the bill privately? And so, we're asking you again. If you live in the great states of Kentucky, Alabama, Idaho or Arizona, please call Senators McConnell, Sessions, Risch or Kyl and ask them why they won't answer the question, and then email us at Blowthewhistle@wnyc.org and tell us what they said. You can make this happen, make government more accountable and make us proud.